How would you divide your 
tax money?
WGMGN, wants to offer visitors insight into the distribution of their tax money, and offer the opportunity to express an opinion on this. For many people it is unclear what exactly happens to the amount that ‘disappears’ from your pay slip, and we all have an opinion about the distribution of this amount. For some, the infrastructure is of vital importance, and some cuts can be made on Defense. For others, extra budget for healthcare is important, and things are going well with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In any case, it is nice for many visitors to get a better idea of how the money is distributed, and what is approximately done with it per ministry.

Customer demand

Developing a web application that works intuitively and clearly displays the multitude of information. Pass on your salary by means of as few actions as possible, calculate which scale and percentage belongs to it, and show the distribution. In addition, give the visitor the opportunity to divide this money, without exceeding the maximum budget. The visitor must then also be able to share his result with his friends via the well-known social media.


The goals of this project are twofold. On the one hand, we want to offer visitors insight into the current situation and make it possible to make adjustments. On the other hand, in this way WGMGN gains insight into the wishes of visitors, in order to get a better picture of what the taxpayer wants.


Offering information in an intuitive, well-arranged manner. Making it simple for the user to make adjustments per ministry, and provide insight into the expenditure per ministry. We then have to make the result and the distribution clear at a glance in an automatically generated image, so that the visitor can share his result via social media, and make others curious to use the tool as well.

"In our project, DIGIWEDO has been very open and flexible. They think along and are very committed."

Aernout Aki Ackerman, Initiator WGMGN


A lot of thought has gone into how information should be presented, and this has been translated into a wireframe. The specialists at SIVK have transformed this into a beautiful design, which perfectly matches function with form. By working with fine colors and a minimalist design, information is presented clearly and the application works fine. The partial image shows these recognizable colors per ministry, making it quickly clear where the most important changes in the distribution have been made. By generating a beautiful social share image, WGMGN is cleverly brought to the attention of the user’s connections.

Result and follow-up

The result is a web application that works quickly and smoothly, and offers the visitor quick insight into tax expenditure. We are happy with the end result, also because of the beautiful design of SIVK. In the future, together with WGMGN, we will look at broader purposes of this web application. Do you want to know how your money is spend? Try the tool!