Good website for a 
good neighbor.
Our neighbour is the coolest creative agency in Rotterdam. They distinguish brands like no other. Positioning, visual identities, campaigns and good content. Interesting customers and associated issues. After an intensifying collaboration, we took the plunge and became neighbours. This only made the collaboration even better. Now let’s talk websites.

Customer demand

NOSUCH often knocked on the door for minor adjustments or to add new cases. There were also complaints about the functioning of the backend and the mobile version of the website. And if your neighbour asks for help, you can't say no!


The NOSUCH website should inform and convince. Beautiful customers & good visuals should speak and show the visitor at a glance that NOSUCH does things differently. 


In close collaboration with the designers of NOSUCH, the website has been rebuilt in Adobe XD. Rethinking the design has brought consistency to margins and spacing. This ensures that the website is 'correct' and works more logically. The mobile design is completely new and better suited to today's mobile devices. Now that the design has been finalized, we can think carefully about the correct construction method. We think about future-proofing and we set up the content in such a way that it can be easily adapted later.

"Thanks to your adjustments, our site is faster, more flexible and more manageable, giving us many more options for interaction with our target groups."



Our developers have fully developed the two designs in WordPress. Because the entire design and its functionalities have been thought out in advance, they can determine what the smartest way of development is. For example, clear templates are created that can be duplicated. This makes it easy to add team members or cases. 

Result and follow-up

The result is a website that fits NOSUCH and its target audience. Of course, they can still contact us for questions and further developments, but it is no longer necessary for every small adjustment or addition. The sequel can be guessed: a continuation of this great collaboration between two offices that complement each other's expertise perfectly.