Landal De Wielsche Dreef

Making investors enthusiastic 
about the possibilities 
in this beautiful place.
An 18-hectare recreation park is located in a beautiful, quiet location in the middle of nature. There are various water sports options and it is a good base for cycling and walking tours. After years of standing still, a new zoning plan has been drawn up. This includes the construction of a Landal Recreation Park.

Customer demand

How do we make investors enthusiastic about the possibilities in this place? That's the question we started with. With limited content, we have worked out a complete plan to continue to grow online in the coming years. We started with content creation, such as photography and text, marketing research and creating authority on Google.


Landal De Wielsche Dreef's goal was to get the attention of investors as quickly as possible.


In the marketing plan we have included ways to keep expanding the website in the coming years. For example with new pages, agenda items and updates about developments in the park and the surrounding area. In this way we arrive at a dynamic website that can grow with the park. With professional photography we convince the potential customer of the beauty of this area. Moreover, the landing pages are easy to find for the searching holidaymaker.

"DIGIWEDO heeft de volledige digitale transitie met succes begeleid."

Jeroen van de Biggelaar, Projectmanager.


In addition to general information, the website also provides insight into the accommodations. We have made all holiday homes virtual with an interactive map. This allows you, as an interested party, to view the future park and compare the lots. There is also information about the area, such as sights, cycling routes and activities.

Result and follow-up

The result is a well-arranged website. Together with flyers, brochures and an exhibition wall, the project gives potential investors a good picture of this beautiful park. In the meantime, we continue to update the website and materials. In that way we can move forward!