An unknown name 
with a 
significant impact.
De Stichting Centraal Orgaan Voorraadvorming Aardolieproducten (COVA) is de centrale, ona ankelijke, organisatie die in opdracht van de minister van Economische Zaken en Klimaat, strategische olievoorraden voor Nederland aanhoudt. Olievoorraden kunnen worden ingezet bij nationale of internationale olietekorten, om grote economische schade te voorkomen. Tijdelijke verstoringen van de olietoevoer kunnen ontstaan door bijvoorbeeld (geo)politieke spanningen, een natuurramp of oorlog. COVA is geen bekende naam voor het grootste deel van Nederland, maar wel heeft ze een zeer aanmerkelijk belang in zowel de continuïteit als de veiligheid van ons land.

Customer demand

The previous website was no longer of our time. In view of the obligation to provide the Netherlands with proper information, this had to change. This was not only about structure and appearance, but also about creating clear, responsive flowcharts.


Informing the Netherlands about purchases, stock management and stock obligation of petroleum products and providing insight into information by means of flowcharts. Because COVA is a government body, we also had to comply with various guidelines in the field of safety and accessibility.


Realizing the need to inform by offering information in a structured, well-arranged manner. Naturally translated into a nice looking website that appeals to the imagination, in close collaboration with the experts at COVA.

"On-point, result-oriented with knowledge. Everything is negotiable, nothing is impossible and become difficult subjects constructive and creative approach with the desired end result."

Bob Ent, Manager Strategy & Compliance


Together with COVA we have had intensive contact about the way in which information should be presented and how this is structured. Once this had been established through various conversations and wireframes, we worked on a sleek and well-arranged design. After approval of the design, the website is built in an extremely safe and clean way. For example, the website has been assessed by the Dutch internet security expert board with a 100% score. Because COVA is a government body, the website is fully accessible to all target groups. It was tested whether the website is observable, operable, comprehensible and robust for all visitors at all times. Together with the COVA team, we then worked on the responsive flowcharts, so that they are understandable and well-arranged.

Result and follow-up

The result is a future-proof website that once again exudes the confidence that befits an organization such as COVA. In the future we will further expand the website with interesting content and clear diagrams. We are proud to have a partnership with this leading company, and continue to find it extremely interesting to get a peek behind the scenes at organizations like this.