Career Rebels

A digital solution 
for corona-proof job applications.
Career Rebels is the stubborn and innovative agency with guts and daring. This organization cares about applicant development. The purpose of Career Rebels? Giving flex workers a career boost so that they love their job. In addition, the company really wants to know who the applicant is and what they are looking for: the CV is a thing of the past.

Customer demand

Career Rebels wants a permanent partner for their online activities. These include the best possible security, optimization of pages for findability and adding new features. We work closely with Career Rebels for all development activities. For example, we previously developed a smart competency test. This allows applicants to demonstrate their distinctiveness. 

During the Corona period, Career Rebels put a problem on our desk. Normally, they get to know applicants through a color test. The applicant will receive a white canvas and four colors of paint. In response to the questions, this person always makes a drawing with a color of their choice, so the canvas fills itself. This gives a good picture of the applicant and his personality. 

During the Corona period, the color test could not continue in its existing form. DIGIWEDO came up with a logical answer: we digitized this process so that it could continue. The applicant logs in and now takes the color test online. You can draw on a digital canvas with four digital markers, after which Career Rebels can find a suiting career.


The main goal for Career Rebels? Optimizing the sales funnel. That is why we have extensively analyzed how visitors move through the website using smart software. Based on this, we drew some conclusions. We then performed A/B tests on it. We process the results of this on the website. In this way we can continuously improve in order to realize an ultimate sales funnel.


This customer (fortunately) doesn't take it all that seriously. We are of course not talking about the quality of the work, but about the way in which we communicate. At Career Rebels it is all possible with a wink, because this is how they communicate with their customers. That is why we can also come up with things that are not according to the standard, which is also fun for us!

"Ze zijn onze collega's geworden, in plaats van gewoon te doen wat hen wordt opgedragen."

Karim Saber, Creative Rebel


By maintaining weekly contact with Career Rebels employees, various activities are achieved. Because the employees on the spot know what they are talking about, we can quickly make decisions and implement changes.

Result and follow-up

The result is a continuously changing website. Improvements are made on a weekly basis, each of which is substantiated with data. By continuously improving, we also keep learning!